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Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) is an OEM supplier of machined parts to some of the world's largest industrial equipment manufacturers. Our customers have consistently recognized us as being amongst their best suppliers.

CIM started out in 1984 in the highly demanding world of machining aerospace prototypes to extremely tight tolerances and even tighter deadlines. We've taken the problem solving expertise and thoroughness developed here and applied it to production machining. The result - refinements our competitors wouldn't bother with. The benefit to you - reduced cycle times and lower costs.

Engineering Departments love us - we have a passion for rolling up our sleeves and understanding a part from the perspective of your needs and from the needs of your customer.

Buyers hardly ever talk to us - we don't allow our snags to become their problems.

We serve our customers best in the role of Prime Contractor taking bottom-line responsibility for your parts. Our stringent quality control ensures that we, and all of our sub-contractors, stay well within spec and on schedule.

We invite you to contact us and let us show you how we can bring Reliability, Quality and Cost Reduction to the manufacture of your machined parts.

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